A look inside the electronic voting machine

Can the EVM be rigged or tampered with? We look at the technical and institutional safeguards that the Election Commission claims are in place to prevent electoral malpractice.

Addressing common concerns

Is it technically possible to manipulate the EVM? A look at some frequently raised concerns Can EVMs be hacked?

Unlike voting machines in some countries which are connected to a network, Indian EVMs are standalone. Tampering an EVM through the hardware port or through a Wi-Fi connection is not possible as there is no frequency receiver or wireless decoder in the EVM machine. 

What if the chip inside the EVM is replaced or a Bluetooth device is inserted within the EVM?

This would mean that the institutional safeguards to protect the EVM (sealing and hardware checks, among others) are breached to fit a device within the EVM and to manipulate it from outside. In M3 machines, this is also technologically ruled out, as they shut down in the event of tampering.....Read more

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