California shooting: Dad reveals how a jihadi was born

Countries and parents passed the buck on the issue of radicalization of the two Pakistani-origin terrorists who carried out a carnage in California as investigators continued to probe what caused them to erupt in rage when they did.

In an interview to the Italian daily La Stampa, the father of the male perpetrator of the attack, Syed Farook, who said he emigrated from Pakistan to the US in 1973, provided a unique insight into the jihadization of his son Rizwan, saying the boy was aligned with the IS ideology and was obsessed with Israel.

He also blamed the boy for his breakup with his wife Rafia, saying the mother and son were fundamentalists, and the son drove them to divorce because he did not subscribe to their conservative religious views. Rafia has accused him of being an alcoholic with a violent temperament.............Read more


Source: The Times of India

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