Mainstreaming Muslims: This community lags behind in social indicators and needs reservations

Reservation has always been an important issue in Indian politics. Often it is also seen as a tool for vote bank politics. Any talk of extending the benefit of reservation to minorities, especially Muslims, gets politicised and becomes a polarising issue. The net result: Muslims have been effectively kept out of it.

Those who oppose it say, almost reflexively, that the Constitution doesn’t allow reservation on the basis of religion. And those who favour it argue that religion cannot be used to deny justice to a community. That is, the Constitution does not bar any faith based community from reservation when it meets other criteria as well.

It’s relevant here to have a look at two recent judgments on the issue of reservation – by the Bombay high court and the Supreme Court of India. In a crucial judgment the Supreme Court scrapped the notification of the UPA government for including Jats in OBCs category in nine states of India.........Read more


Source web page: The Times Of India

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