Saudi-US Policies Led to IS. Address This Fact Or Face the 'Islamisation of Europe' Scare

Western powers have pooled their formidable military resources to punish ISIS for its terrorism. But they may not succeed because they are themselves the Frankensteins who produced the monster through the agency of Saudi Arabia. The founders of the Saudi dynasty began it all with policies of unspeakable cruelty justified in the name of religion. In the imperial games and oil politics that developed subsequently, Saudi Arabia became—and continues to be—an ally of the West and of countries that follow the Western model, such as India. Thus, the “civilised” world is trying to destroy ISIS while still remaining tied to the single biggest propagator of the basic ISIS premises.

In a moment of history in the 18th century, Mohammed Ibn Saud, the emir (chief) of an agricultural settlement, met Mohammed Abd al-Wahab, an Islamic reformer, in Central Arabia. Wahab, whose puritanical ideas had invited antagonism from other leaders of Islam, wanted protection...............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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