Why Kerala's relationship with migrants is complicated

After an Assamese man was held in the Jisha case, migrants have again come under scrutiny, with demands rising for a database. Can Kerala stereotype 7% of its population?

Malayalis have always roamed far from home, and adapted to alien cultures and com munities with ease, casting aside the mundu for Bermuda shorts, choosing pizza over puttu. But in the state itself, they seem less than welcoming to newcomers.

Kerala's entrepreneurial backbone, its service economy , is now largely powered by migrants because the literate Malayali does not want to do jobs that are "beneath" his or her dignity. They refuse to do these jobs at home, while willing to do them abroad.

Migrants in Kerala, though, are still seen as outsiders and interlopers who are "ruining" God's Own Country . The recent arrest of Assamese migrant Ameerul Islam in the brutal Jisha murder case has become a tipping point in these anxieties................Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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