Let us get on the bus

The BRTS facilities should be replete with attractive features to wean car users away from their machines.

When a metropolis spreads out and gets ungainly, automobile poverty is a possibility. When this sprawling metropolis lacks an effective network of rapid transit systems, automobile poverty becomes a reality for many residents. They are forced to develop an unhealthy dependence on private transport, especially cars, and spend heavily on fuel and maintenance.

Carpooling is often suggested as a solution. As it offers the promise of shared costs of travel, it is an attractive option. However, in Chennai, carpooling is still in its nascent stage, and is often restricted to friends and colleagues. Flexible carpooling, a popular model in the West that enables strangers to connect and share their cars, requires the involvement of government agencies, creation of designated boarding points and a government-regulated system of registration that would address security concerns................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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