The tricky issue of renovation

A status report on the temple front, following the High Court direction to HR & CE

Two years ago, The Hindu Friday Review published a story ( on issues relating to renovation work in temples and how the Madras High Court order had put a temporary halt on repair works. Later, the High Court directed the appointment of a committee to assess the extent of damage and approve the ‘essential’ repair works in the temples under the care of HR and CE administered temples.

Friday Review takes a look at the scene. In 2013-14, the Tiruppani leadership at the HR & CE headquarters received around 600 applications. Since the High Court order and the subsequent setting up of a screening committee, the number of applications for renovation has come down to about 100.

This may indicate that not many temples are undergoing renovation, but reality is different. While temples located in remote areas and are in genuine need for restoration are finding it difficult to get their applications processed within a fixed timeline, renovation works are undertaken in many temples without the approval of the committee.....Read more


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