Snale-Hatkoti-Guma power line awaits stage-II forest clearance

The high-tension 50.3-km-long Snale-Hatkoti-Guma power transmission line that aims at evacuating power from the 111 MW Sawra-Kuddu project and other projects located at the Pabbar valley awaits stage-II clearance from the Forest Department.

 This, in turn, has delayed the work on the transmission line and its sub-station at Guma. On the other hand, the 21.5-km-long Rupin-Sunda and the 23-km-long Sunda-Hatkoti transmission lines have turned into road blocks as the dispute over allotment of the 70 MW Dhamwari-Sunda project has entered the court.

 Himachal Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (HPTCL), which is executing the project, has already got stage-I clearance for the Snale-Hatkoti-Guma power transmission line...........Read more


Source web page: The Tribune

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