Draft wind-solar hybrid policy proves restrictive

The goal of the policy is to reach a wind-solar hybrid capacity of 10 GW by 2022

The government’s draft policy for wind and solar hybrid plants, released for public comments recently, is a good step, but restrictive as it puts a cap on the size of such units.

The policy, which is available on the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s website and is open for public comments till June 30, lacks in details relating to tariffs, according to experts.

“The draft policy aims to facilitate hybridisation of existing solar or wind systems, besides new hybrid projects,” Shalu Agrawal, Programme Associate at the Council On Energy, Environment and Water said in an interview. “However, it is restrictive in suggesting that hybrid capacity addition, for existing plants, must be limited to the sanctioned transmission capacity.”...................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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