Device for solar-powered water purification in the offing

An Indian-origin scientist in US has designed a device that can sanitise dirty water merely by absorbing sunlight, an advance that could be a global game-changer in the potable water crisis.

Venkat Viswanathan, assistant professor at the Carnegie Mellon University in US, along with colleagues designed a conceptual device which would combine with unsanitary water and sunlight to create a potable water source.

"Theoretically, you would dip a stick of this material in a bucket of water, take it outside, and it would absorb sunlight," said Viswanathan.

"What we are doing, essentially, is using the energy of the Sun to excite or oxidise water into a compound that has the potency to clean," he said.

The proposed device consists of a rod of some material, ideally tin oxide or titanium dioxide, which would absorb sunlight to allow the water to oxidise, generating hydrogen peroxide............Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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