Wind energy generation expected to go up

Tamil Nadu, which has over 7,300 MW of installed wind energy capacity, sees wind energy generation reaching its peak usually between May and October. This year, it is almost a month since the winds started picking up in the State and the daily wind energy consumption is approximately 50 million units.

The State now has the infrastructure facilities to evacuate wind energy. But there are problems such as volatility in wind energy generation and this needs to be addressed, say sources in the wind energy sector here. The State has the potential to increase wind energy consumption to even 70 million units, they say.

On Monday evening, 2,553 MW of wind energy was generated in the State and it was 1,445 MW on Tuesday morning. The approximate daily consumption of wind energy is ranges between 45 million units and 55 million units.

The government and the industry are working jointly to bring in scheduling for wind energy generation in the State...............Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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