The call of the forest

Live with tribals, sample their local cuisine and get refreshed by Nature – this is what ecoLogin’s tours are all about

We have all spent hours on TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet, looking for that perfect travel company promising an edgy trip. You shortlist companies, evaluate, eliminate. But ever heard of a travel company that vets the people it wants to take on as clients? Meet ecoLogin, a Chennai-based, ‘experiential travel’ company that will take you (after you’ve proven your merit as their kind of traveller, of course) on trips to places that are as remote as they’re beautiful, mostly inhabited by tribal communities. “It is not your regular holiday. Forget luxuries, you have to be ready to forego even regular urban conveniences, from bottled water to cellphone networks. We meet the tour group three days before departure to orient them on what’s ahead, and if we feel that they are not ready, we do not hesitate to let them know,” says 40-year-old Sridhar Lakshmanan, founder of ecoLogin........................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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