Turning the wheel

The morning sun has just about managed to gain some strength, colouring Pench forest’s Wainganga river a mix of orange, pale yellow, scattered with silver glitter. Perhaps, in a quest to bathe in the morning stars, a herd of deer, in a straight line, galloped into the waters to cross over to the other side on the gorge.

The same one where author Rudyard Kipling decided to put Sher Khan of TheJungle Book to rest.

But, Mowgli lives on here; his statue is on a city square and inside the jungle. At the forest entrance gate the board reads ‘Welcome to Mowgli Land, Pench, Madhya Pradesh’.

In 1831, British officer William Sleeman found a little boy eating human flesh along with wolves and was believed to have been brought up by the pack. The officer’s book Rambles and Recollection, talking of the wolf child seemed to have served as Kipling’s inspiration for The Jungle Book. Locals believe that many of the locations in the jungle resemble those described by Kipling....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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