Rural BPO centres provide a ray of hope for smaller towns

For H.N. Punyavathi, a 30-year-old resident of Bagepalli, a small town around 100km from Bangalore, securing a project associate’s job at a rural business process outsourcing, or BPO, firm around four months back was a turning point in her life. The college dropout had to face tough times recently when her husband lost his job and the couple was expecting a child.

“I am very satisfied and happy now,” she says, speaking about her Rs4,000 per month job at RuralShores Business Services Pvt. Ltd, which she joined in March. “People at Bagepalli are very lucky—we have a BPO centre in our town.” Her husband, too, is earning again—he has started a coconut wholesale business, and the couple can dare to dream once more.

At a time when BPO units in urban centres have put on hold hiring plans, rural BPO centres seem to be sprouting at various locations, offering jobs to young people from tier II and tier III towns who would otherwise have been forced to migrate to the bigger cities for employment.

RuralShores is one company which has set up its first centre in Bagepalli with 45 project associates. The Bangalore-based company, which has HDFC Bank Ltd as a strategic investor, is now in the process of getting two more centres operational in Tamil Nadu and Bihar.....Read More


Source: Live Mint

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