The sanitary sisterhood

A cottage industry in the desert countryside that empowers women

Implications of this social taboo are manifold: nine out of 10 women are constrained by their own bodies every single month, leading to irreparable health problems, and one out of four adolescent girls skips school a few days every month and many drop out of school on reaching puberty. Pooled together, it is the cause for women’s diminished self-worth.

Pulling a finished piece of sanitary pad from the machine and talking without an iota of hesitation from under their veils, Shingari and Radha present a great contrast. The sanitary pad offers a measure of their self-esteem as they demonstrate the finer steps in its making. It is a seven-step process from mixing absorbent paper with cotton to its sterilised packing, which their deft hands complete within minutes...................Read more


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