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Step out of your comfort zone, try your hand at volunteering, and learn a thing or two for life

University life is all about experiences. While you are busy studying and socialising, finding time for some voluntary work can definitely add value.

Volunteering helps in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is a great way to make a real contribution to a cause you feel strongly about. Look at the list of societies that are part of your university, and you’ll probably find all the big names already established there: Amnesty, Save the Children, Water Aid, Cancer Research, and the list goes on. Consider what you feel most strongly about — children, cancer, stroke, heart disease, animals, the environment, or something else.

“I have always loved animals and when I got to know about the volunteering opportunities available at the Crocodile Bank in Chennai, I was ecstatic. From learning about these reptiles to talking about them at show and tell sessions, my experience was unmatched,” recalls Anjana Srimathi, who has passed out of Madras University recently and continues to volunteer during weekends.

Find your calling

Aniket Giri, a student of Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, chose to volunteer in a gender forum because it helped him escape his busy and noisy life. “It provided me with an opportunity to learn about society as well as myself, and the best part is that it gave me satisfaction,” says Aniket, who organises nukkad nataks, quizzes, debates and discussions on gender equality issues.....Read more


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