Chennai's green champ talks ‘trash’

With his village having a volleyball court, playground and many happy faces, K karthick's litter education has made Karanai Puducherry cleaner and greener.

Calm amid the chaos. If there was a place that is a perfect testimony to this statement, it has to be Karanai Puducherry, located just three kilometres away from the bustling Urapakkam. A cool breeze welcomes you to the main road, which is covered by a canopy of trees. Children play on a large ground without the fear of vehicles zipping past, and a group of volunteers sits by the side of the lake, clearing plastic bottles.


Three years ago, the place looked nothing like this, say locals. The change was possible because of one man - K Karthick - who realised the power of self-responsibility. “During the Jallikattu protests, we could not travel till Marina. So, we were holding the strike in the village; most residents took part in it. Once the protest was over, at around 7 pm, there was garbage everywhere — banners, pamphlets, water bottles and cups. So, I gathered five men and cleaned the garbage every night and protested in the morning. That was where it all started,” said 29-year-old Karthick.....Read more


Source web page: New Indian Express

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