‘I am not a jholawala’

Many youngsters view a career in the social sector as more than mere activism—it’s their way of using skills to make a difference

Six years ago, in 2009, US-based Vaishali Rao shocked her parents by saying she wanted to go to India and work in the social sector. Her Silicon Valley-based engineer dad, who emigrated in 1999 to the US, protested. “We moved here to give you and your sister a good education and a better way of life and now you want to go back.”

“I told my parents it was the values they had brought us up with that made me want to contribute. It was unusual in those days, but today it’s catching on. I know of many young people who decide to work in the social sector,” says the 27-year-old, who works as a programme manager, livelihoods, at the Bengaluru-based Solar Electric Light Company (Selco), a social enterprise that provides sustainable energy solutions and services to underserved households and businesses..............Read more


Source: livemint


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