Challenges the NGOs face

Why do we have to help out sex workers who are paid for their work anyway!

We're here to do good work. Why are you questioning where we are putting the money?

Two rather unusual statements. But they exemplify the promise, potential challenges and the pains facing India's non-profit sector or the non-government organisations (NGOs). It is, in fact, a tale of contrasts.

On one side, demand for their services is rising, thanks to the slow pace of poverty reduction and a backlog of social deprivation. On the other, the NGOs face tough internal challenges -- from weak leadership to organisational irrelevance, from inadequate funding to an inability to market themselves to their target audience.

Of course, the objective is to be a do-gooder. Says Ashok Khosla of Development Alternative: "There are several NGOs that play an active watch dog role in the Indian society particularly where they have a sectoral focus such as environment, livelihood, habitat, governance, etc. This is, however, not the only role that NGOs play. They are extremely good delivery agents of support services to the poor that have an immediate impact on their degree of empowerment, economic security and living conditions. The NGOs are also extremely competent repositories of knowledge and expertise that the government and the private sector can use to increase their effectiveness." for more


Source: The Economic Times

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