Changing parameters of NGO funding

Think about it. With over a million non-profits in business, NGOs are certainly competing for resources. This calls for more effective marketing of causes to donors and strategic partners. And the successful ones manage to do both.

CRY, for instance, which raises resources both through corporate sponsorships and sale of CRY cards, outsourced its card operations to Archies so that marketing and distribution could be taken care of.

Indeed, funding is the core issue. But another factor capturing the minds of NGOs is aid effectiveness. In fact, a move towards coordination optimisation in order to have aid effectiveness is being seen as a significant step.

Aid effectiveness has many factors that influence national and regional policies and bureaucratic procedures.

Evaluation being a primary role, players get identified by various funders and evaluation of projects is implemented. But the effectiveness of the aid on the development issues is still not for more


Source: The Economic Times

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