Give Your Ear Lobe a Kiss From a Rose

The next time you want to gift your girlfriend a rose, but she says: “I want a diamond, because you know... diamonds are forever” — here’s the perfect comeback. Are you ready?

Here it comes: rose petals on a pair of earrings. Actually any kind of petals, says S V Anirudh, the man behind the team of talented young designers that has brought this novel idea to life. The 29-year-old is the head of the fashion department at WLCI College in Teynampet. What started off as a small seed of an idea put forward by the quietest student in his class, Sowjanya Varma, has over the past two months evolved into one of the hottest sellers on their design list. Sowjanya along with classmates Saranya Jeevan, Deepak Velayutham, Sathyaraj M, Priyanga Jayaraman, Backiyaraj Tiruparkadalnambi, Sonia Ramachandran and Jayasudha Jeevanandam are part of a special design team that go by the brand name ‘Octal’ (courtesy the eight members in the group) who are mentored by their professor as they wean into the business of fashion.................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express


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