Opportunities for social entrepreneurs

When Aneel Kumar began his career several years ago, he sold pesticide to farmers across the country.

Little did he know he would one day be advocating organic farming.

He now encourages farmers to grow organic cotton and provides them a platform to market to big businesses. “The transition was gradual, but now I know I am following my dream,” says Mr. Kumar. He is the founder of Tip4Change, one of the businesses being incubated by Unltd Tamil Nadu, a non-profit that supports social entrepreneurs.

“While there are people who would like to make a difference to society, very few are aware of the concept of the social entrepreneur, which moves beyond charity,” says Gijs Spoor from Unltd Tamil Nadu. Tip4Change provides an interface between organic farmers and end users. Sristi Village, another NGO, is training children with mental retardation to generate income from farming.

For further details, contactshiva.unltd2014@ gmail.com.


Source: The Hindu

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