These 2 Indian Startups Will Pay Cash for Your Trash

Tech startups seem to have have disintermediated almost every aspect of trade and commerce, including the end of the product's lifecycle. While waste recycling doesn't see as much venture capital thrown at it as say e-commerce, there are some notable companies in this space which have raised funding. For instance, there is Noida-based Attero Recycling, which mines precious metals from e-waste that raised Rs. 100 crore in 2014. Another firm is Karma Recycling, which raised an undisclosed sum during its Series A in July this year. The company buys old gadgets from Tier 1 cities and resells them in India's smaller cities. On its website, it boasts a total payout of 15 crores to its customers.

Waste recycling is a challenge that every Indian city and town has to contend with. Bengaluru-based IT firm Mindtree, through its community initiatives has tried to reduce the quantum of garbage sent to the landfill. Today, we are seeing a few more players enter this space, and hopefully, bring change to our cities.....Read more


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