Unconventional usage helps Indian brands push sales abroad

NEW DELHI: Americans and Europeans are putting traditional Indian foods and beauty products to unconventional use — shuddhh ghee to enhance the flavour of coffee and Chandrika bathing soap to shave their beards.
For instance, Amul Ghee, which is sold in the US through Amazon, is being plopped into mugs of latte to make bullet-proof coffee, a health trend that espouses the virtues of a dollop of fat in the morning, instead of carbs.

Gopal Pillai, director and GM of Amazon India's selling services, said local manufacturers and brands have hit the jackpot in the US and the Europe. "Apart from top brands, including Amul and Titan, many domestic players who were earlier contract manufacturers for international labels, are now reaching out directly to customers in the US through Amazon," Pillai said.

For instance, an Indian manufacturer has sold bedsheets worth $100 million on Amazon's US platform. However, this does not mean Americans love bright floral patterns on their beds....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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