A rooftop farmer rises with rice

A flourishing paddy crop in 200 grow bags has turned the terrace garden of a government employee in Manguluru into an attraction. Krishnappa Gowda Paddambail, who works at the Government College of Teacher Education here, has been cultivating 30-50 kilos of paddy on the roof of his home in the Maroli area for five years. He does not sell his produce.

Childhood memories of paddy cultivation at his family’s ancestral farmland near Sullia, and the memory of waiting for hours at a place of worship to procure stalks of paddy for a ritual, made him plant paddy in ten grow bags in 2014. The number of bags increased as his home-made bio-manure gave him bountiful harvests, free from paddy blast fungus and other diseases.

Unlike traditional cultivation, Mr. Paddambail uses water minimally, and his bags of soil mixture, sand and cow dung last four years with careful maintenance. He turns coconut husk into hanging planters. After de-husking, he fills soil and ties up the husk to hang it around the house....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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