Confetti of green on your plate

Good things come in small packages. Well, that's true at least where microgreens are concerned. Power packed with nutrients, these seedlings are now garnishing dishes at star hotels, sold at grocery stores and being grown on windowsills.
Microgreens, or vegetable confetti, are seedlings of any herb or vegetable that has edible leaves, such as red cabbage, cilantro and mustard. However, they need to be harvested within seven days of germination, when a maximum of four leaves have sprouted.

After three decades of social service, when N Vidhyadharan decided to try his hand at agriculture in his one-acre plot close to Chenglepet, he was not happy growing just paddy and groundnuts. In June 2014, he began growing microgreens. "I grew arugula and red amaranthus. It is easy as you just need to plant them in shallow pots and they require little water and sunlight," says the 51-year-old, who then launched Adhithya Microgreens, supplying it to hotels in Chennai....Read more


Source web page:Times of India

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