Herb garden grows on peanut cakes and aloe vera

For Chitra Ravi Sankar, gardening is a passion. Living in a flat, space was a constraint, but she found a smart solution. “The terrace of my flat measures 1150 square feet, so I have converted it into a garden,” smiles the proud owner of a terrace garden.  At first, she grew fruits, and later transformed the terrace into a proper garden. “In 2010, I first started growing fruits and then gradually, within a year, I moved to other varieties of plants,” she says.

At present, her terrace garden has 700 different kind of plants. From fruits to vegetables and flowers to rare varieties of herbs, Chitra has it all in her terrace. “Among fruits and flowers, I grow hybrid lemon, malta orange, custard apple, jasmine, marigold, zinnia, lavender as well as different kind of roses. I also have around 10 varieties of basil herbal plants in my collection,” she says. Among the herbs that she has, many are known for their medicinal value. “I have amruthavalli, seenthil, stevia herbs that can cure diabetes in the long run. ...Read more


Source web page: New Indian Express

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