Journey into a bountiful harvest

The moment I laid eyes on this (approximately 18’/25’) balcony of my husband’s office, my face lit up with joy and I conjured a vivid image of a lush, colourful, aromatic and thriving garden filled with vegetables.

When Sam, my husband, spied the glint in my eyes, he understood. His convincing abilities, his company Akvo’s green attitude and my intrinsic need to grow food, saw me hauling the first few bags of soil and vermi-compost up the lift to the fifth floor on July 17 last year. The entire staff were a hands-on part of the initial setting up. Barely forty days into our green journey, Shiv, the office cook, had started harvesting fresh organic vegetables every other day and the staff were also taking home some vegetables.................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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