The essential kitchen garden: Kitchen and the bean stalk

India has a variety of beans, from the familiar green to a creamy white, yellow, purple and speckled; some are eaten as vegetables and others grown for their beans. Beans are a primary source of protein for vegetarians and a vital ingredient in most Indian cuisines with their versatility. Look for local varieties like avarakkai and mochai of Tamil Nadu, guar from Gujarat, yard-long beans from Kerala and soya beans from Northeastern India, to name a few. All beans can be grown using the same methods with a few variances; while some grow on short bushes, others grow into tall vines that need to be supported. They are easy to grow if the soil is well prepared and the plants receive at least five hours of direct sunlight; they need only basic care thereafter. Beans can also be grown in troughs and grow bags on terraces along with other vegetables. Pole bean vines trained up a trellis could be an attractive garden feature.

Plan: Staggered planting will give good yields for most of the year; for a small family, plant a bean or two every alternate week to be assured of tender beans through the year.....Read more


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