Would you donate your good reads?

The C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for the Deaf in Mylapore is setting up a library. If you want to donate books, you may leave them at Backyard in Adyar

As it goes about setting up a library, C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for the Deaf on Santhome High Road, Mylapore, is factoring in the unique strength of millennials — digital learning. The library is going to be as adequately stocked up on e-books as it will be on physical books.

Students at the institution, aged between 6 and 24, come from an underprivileged background, and, but for such an initiative, they won't be able to cultivate a culture of reading.

Interestingly, the library is being made accessible to members of the public too. Though a small room has been earmarked for the library, the reading will take place al-fresco.

“We have a park on our campus. We have put up a shade sail to let children take their books and tablets outside to read,” says James Albert, the school principal.

The arrangement also applies to readers from outside the school.

“The playground on the campus is accessed by students from neighbouring schools to play tennis, cricket and football and practise kung fu. These children are accompanied by their parents and grandparents, who often sit idle and bored. While their wards play, they can take a book or a newspaper from the library, sit in our park, and read,” says Albert.....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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