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The ecosystem is under increasing pressure from over-exploitation of resources. A slew of earth warriors discover new ways of a sustainable living to follow.

Sharad K Sakhare, along with his wife and teenage daughter, spent a unique Sunday at the GreenTokri farm on the outskirts of Pune some time back. From understanding sustainable farming operations to getting lessons on how to grow wholesome and healthy food, the Sakhare family had the enviable pleasure of walking through tall grass, wading through water, or simply enjoying the wide open spaces. Sharad’s daughter, Malini, was taught how to plant salad saplings and the family indulged in picking their own salad and fruits. The team at GreenTokri practices sustainable farming to offer the freshest produce to households across Pune and Mumbai. Gurgaon’s Organic Farmers’ Market is a citizens’ initiative that aims at making pesticide and chemical-free food available as a basic right. The market is a platform for organic farmers and environmentalists. The Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market also hosts organic farmers and primary producers—some from as far as Rajasthan and Ghaziabad—who use traditional techniques to grow their produce.

In these times of global warming and environment crises, contradictions and diversity rule India. The densely populated country holds one-sixth of the world’s people and is poised to surpass China as far as population is concerned in less than a decade. It is the third biggest generator of emissions. This year, 11 of the top 15 hottest places in the world were in India. It also has eight cities in the top 10 polluted cities of the world. Most metros in the country will run out of groundwater by 2030, say, environmentalists; while metros such as Mumbai sink and drown every monsoon.Read more

Source web page: New Indian express

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