NGOs will have a say in NMC’s environment report

Though the deadline to submit an environment status report is July 31 every year, the work to prepare the 2014-15 report for Nagpur City has started. This time, municipal commissioner Shravan Hardikar has directed the Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd, which is conducting the study and preparing the draft, to invite stakeholders like NGOs.

Hardikar said that the NMC had decided to consult the environmentalists before finalizing the report so that their suggestions could be incorporated. "Including good ideas before finalization of the report is always better," said the civic chief who convened a joint meeting of the stake holders — NMC officials and representatives of Maharashtra Enviro Power Ltd.

The status report will also give an update on eco housing, status of the city's water bodies, level of noise and air pollution in the city. The details of vehicle population and its impact on the city are also mentioned. It also states that number of building permissions in the city have gone down in 2014-15 when compared to the previous year............Read more


Source web page: Times of India

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