How to move a tree

The man behind Chennai’s tree ambulance explains what goes into providing first-aid to the sick and uprooted ones

The stretchers come in different sizes, and strengths. So do trees. There are pumps, spades, drawers full of soil and plant samples... the city’s maiden ambulance for trees is ready to educate and operate, and is currently on tour around the State, before heading out towards the rest of the country. Founder of the initiative, Abdul Ghani gives us an idea of the techniques they follow:


Each tree has a few important roots that shouldn’t be cut. They are extremely important, though others can be trimmed. Which is why the hydraulic spade cuts in a curve from both sides, the blades of which stop without meeting at the centre. All the bigger roots that have spread out will be cut, but not the three or four base ones. But the hydraulic spade comes only in a couple of months from now. Currently we are using a manual spade, which we can use for trees that are up to 15 years old.

The length to which roots can be cut, differs from plant to plant. Banyan trees, for instance, have roots that go on for two or three kilometres, and have to be handled carefully. Neem and drumstick, on the other hand, can grow roots back on their own, regardless of how much you cut before transportation.Read more

Source web page :The Hindu

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