How to make a boutique ‘paara’

When you walk down Gariahat Road, where the pavement eateries force you into the path of other pedestrians, autorickshaws, minibuses, trams, the odd hand-pulled rickshaw rattling persistently behind, and, occasionally, unhurried sheep and goats, the slender, leafy lanes of Hindustan Park nearby feel like the cool cloister of a seashell. The discreet quarter in south Kolkata, where India’s longest-serving chief minister Jyoti Basu once lived, sees a different kind of traffic.

Sunil Subba, a parking attendant on contract with the Kolkata municipal corporation (KMC), thinks he saw a Jaguar the other day. “I checked on my phone and it was a Jaguar. Audis are common. The other day, one of my colleagues said there was a Porsche, but it was not. It was some other fancy car. I am learning the makes and names now," he says.Read more

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