Developing a linguistic standard for language localization

Faced with the recurring issue of the lack of a common standard for language translation by various software applications, 42-year-oldRajesh Ranjan, language maintainer for Hindi at global open source solutions firm Red Hat Software India Pvt. Ltd decided to formulate a standard language terminology that could be used across all computer interfaces for translation. This idea gave birth to the project Frequently Used Entries for Localisation or FUEL in 2008, founded by Ranjan.
“There was a lot of inconsistency in the translation from English to Hindi of commonly used desktop entries like “file”, “save”, “open”, etc. that was interfering with the translation of various software and applications into Hindi. Thus, in 2008, I began searching on various websites for the most commonly used Hindi terms for various software terminology and began working on the FUEL project to emerge with a single, standardized language terminology platform that could be used as reference by open source software developers across the world,” said Ranjan, a statistics graduate from KMC University, Delhi, who also has a diploma in journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Delhi, and a postgraduate diploma in translation studies from the University of Hyderabad..............Read more
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