Jaipur Literature Festival: Debating the need for a fine line between artistic freedom & insulting beliefs

Playwright and actor Girish Karnad best summed up the danger facing writers: not electronic screens, but the forces that want to destroy books. The issue has such resonance now that a session at the annual Jaipur Literature Festivalon whether commerce was killing good writing morphed into a dialectic on how far one's freedom of speech extends.Earlier this month, the RSS burnt copies of Perumal Murugan's Tamil novel Madhorubagan (published as One Part Woman in English) and along with the BJP and other Hindu outfits demanded its ban since it dealt with an ancient ritual in a town in central Tamil Nadu where on the night of an annual temple festival a woman could choose to sleep with the man of her choice and the child born of this union would be deemed a divine gift..............Read more


Source web page: The Economic Times

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