Nanditha Krishna, M.D. Srinivas in revamped ICHR

The Union MHRD has reconstituted the Indian Council for Historical Research, inducting 18 new members. Included in the restructured Council is C.I. Issac, former Head of the Department of History at CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala and author of The Evolution of Christian Church in India, which questions the origins of Christianity in India from St Thomas. Jadavpur University professor Purabi Roy who has worked extensively on Subash Chandra Bose also joins the Council.

Other new nominees to the Council include Dilip K. Chakrabarti, Professor Emeritus of South Asian Archaeology, Cambridge University, Nanditha Krishna, Director of C. P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, Chennai, Michel Danino, guest professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, and author of books on ancient India, M. D. Srinivas, chairman of Chennai-based Centre for Policy Studies, Cambodia-based Sachchidananda Sahai who authored the five-volume Lao Ramayana and helped restore Angkor Vat, and Rahman Ali, Head of Department of the School of Studies in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology at Vikram University, Ujjain............Read more


Source web page: The Hindu

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