Service, a crucial part of deeper journey

How do great seekers describe their peak spiritual experiences? In the same way, ten persons describe the taste of mangoes they have never seen or savoured before – in ten unique, yet broadly similar, delightful ways.

Practitioners following different practices say the experiences converge as they go deeper. One may wonder, how the widely differing spiritual practices lead to similar experiences. Do the different external practices lead to similar changes deep inside? If this is true, can the deeper journey be as clearly laid out as going from place A to place B?

The spiritual journey essentially requires transcending the lower nature and shedding all baggage to become light. Surge in creativity, hearing of soothing sounds, experiencing colourful light flashes and a heart filled with joy are the few early stage rewards everyone gets, indicators of a deeper reality. In fact different sounds and colours appear in a definite order indicating the progress markers on the path. Most seekers are aware of these...Read more


Source web page: Times of India

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