A route straight to the root of history

Though India is rich in heritage sites with several being reknowned as tourist destinations, there are still many that aren’t as popular. Do you know that some of these sites can be dated back to 200,000 years? And that they are right here in the south? To bring these sites to the fore is the aim of Rootwalk, a non-profit organisation that engages volunteers to create awareness on heritage, and take you to pre-historic and lesser-known heritage sites in South India. City Express caught up with the founder and ‘root walker’ Srinivasan about his venture.

Srini says heritage has always been considered as a secondary aspect in people’s lives. “I have noticed that a lot of people don’t give much importance to heritage. But I wanted unknown sites to be noticed. It wasn’t just about the sites but also about literature, folk art, music, monuments, prehistoric sites and more,” he explains.......................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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