India ‘Doing Okay’ in philanthropy

Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand Vietnam ‘doing better’: survey

In spite of government mandating corporates to invest 2% of their net profits for corporate social responsibility (CSR), India is just ‘Doing Okay’ in philanthropy according to the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society’s (CAPS) Doing Good Index (DGI), a first of its kind survey looking at factors that enable or impede private social investment.

India, along with neighbours Pakistan and China, is featured in the ‘Doing Okay’ cluster in DGI, just ahead of Indonesia and Mynamar.

Countries like Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam are ‘doing better’ while Japan, Singapore and Taiwan are ‘doing well,’ according to the DGI.

India and China have both recently enacted sweeping sets of reforms targeting international NGOs and funding and domestic philanthropy. India put in place the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act in 2010, which originally focused on international support for political parties.

In 2013, the Companies Act was revised to require companies with revenue of more than ?10 billion to dedicate 2% after taxes to corporate social responsibility through approved organisations.....Read more


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