Pharma baron helps cure Dhule’s drought woes

An NGO’s water enhancement campaign is yielding good results, says Collector

In a summer that was even crueller than usual, when large parts of Maharashtra are still facing severe drought, Dhule, one of the state’s poorest districts, still has water in its reservoirs. Where wells in drought-hit districts are down to four per cent, even two per cent water levels, Dhule’s wells are at 15 to 20 per cent. Where in some parts of the state, people had to travel far in search of work and sustenance, some of Dhule’s farmers have enough water to even plant crops before the monsoon arrived.

Some wells and water sources did run dry, and the district administration did need to send out water tankers, but it was just ten a day. In comparison, Latur and Osmanabad needed 1200 each, Ahmednagar 1000, Beed 900, and Nashik 200..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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